Training Materials: Foundation Training Course for Law Enforcement Officers
on Combating Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons

Training Manual

The training manual is intended to provide a standardized modular program and initial examination stage for police trainers to provide the training not only for border/immigration officers but also other police agencies. The contents in this eLearning website has been retrieved from this training manual.

Trainer’s Guide

The Trainer’s Guide is an accompany guide for trainer to use with the Training Manual, providing instructional guidelines for trainers to either deliver 16 modules as a holistic package or as a stand-alone module as needed. Delivery methods, practical exercises, handouts are included in each module, along with suggestions for areas to emphasize and highlight. The guideline for these modules are standardized and most of modules contain suggestions on how they can be adapted to make them country specific.

Presentations for Trainers

For those who are interested to obtain presentation file of 16 modules (available in English and Thai), please contact IOM